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A Courtesan: Our role, Our benefit, Our lifestyle

a courtesan

The role of a courtesan has long been present in high society. As years have passed, factions of this role have risen among all types of women from all walks of life. A term perhaps more widely recognised in modern society for one of these factions is that of a ‘sugar baby’. I am not against this role by any means. I do think however it is limited in its understanding of a mutually beneficial relationship. Sugar Babies often offer their youth and sex only. As a reward for their company, Sugar Babies often prioritise luxury items. This type of arrangement will suit many, and there is indeed a demand for it. A courtesan, however, is something entirely different.

Who is a Courtesan?

Courtesans historically were women of a particular class, well-educated and cultured. Revered for their knowledge, conversational skills, musical talents, as well as their beauty. They were artists of companionship, admired and acquired for this reason. A relationship founded on respect evolved sexually and financially. There was a genuine desire to enrich one another’s lives. A courtesan was often a man’s greatest confidant. It wasn’t unusual for a life long friendship to develop once the arrangement was over.

The modern world may have brought change to society, but this type of arrangement hasn’t disappeared. It has though opened up to a more extensive variety of women. You no longer need to be a woman that carries a particular name or position. You do however need to present yourself as a woman of a higher standard. A thirst for knowledge will find you in the company of men who will dedicate their time to mentoring you. A priority for a courtesan is that of progression and not materialistic ownership.

Along with being a woman of passion and ambition, you will be able to balance this independent attitude with characteristics of the fairer sex. In a courtesan, feminine qualities are highly sought after. Kindness, consideration, patience, and care to one’s appearance are essential qualities. With this being a more open-minded time, do not think that because you have tattoos or piercings that you cannot be a courtesan. It is the grace in which you carry yourself that will stand out and appeal to a potential benefactor.

What benefit does a Courtesan provide to a benefactor?

We are women who are naturally giving in a relationship. We enter arrangements fully aware of what we offer and know that our rewards come as a result of what we provide to a benefactor.

Men who are part of this lifestyle will be of a certain wealth and professional accomplishment. Generally, these men will have less time to dedicate to a traditional relationship. They may have schedules that require your flexibility, and responsibilities that need your discretion. Understanding is something a courtesan shows in these matters. A priority is given to your benefactor’s availability.

We are aware that our benefactors time is limited, so when the time has been made for us, we show affection and care for their needs. Often a courtesan is a companion on a business trip, and so may find the need to entertain ourselves at times. This isn’t of any issue as we are women with various interests and comfortable in our own company.

A courtesan is aware of how to conduct herself publicly and within the company of many social circles. We can attend functions and events with our benefactor without relying on them to be by our side throughout the occasion. A courtesan’s general knowledge, confidence, and sociable nature allow her to make a positive impression on those with whom she interacts.

The lifestyle of a Courtesan

 A Courtesans lifestyle is dynamic, diverse, and full of excitement. We are often flying to exotic worldwide locations we may never see otherwise. We network with accomplished individuals, and with a little initiative, this opens many doors for us. Our benefactors provide knowledge in areas of business that can grow and shape our future. Guidance, mentorship, and investment in our future is the key to our own success.

Financial worries are taken care of allowing us to be more light-hearted. Courtesans aren’t considered ladies of leisure, though this is an option. Generally, we are sought after because of our ambitious nature and the desire to further ourselves. We do however have more time on our hands than most. One desirable trait of a courtesan is that we pride ourselves on being the best version of who we can be. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working on our bodies and minds to make the most of all of our assets.

If what you have read has intrigued you, be sure to follow up on our next post about Becoming a Courtesan, and enter a world where dreams and desires are satisfied.

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