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How to keep Sugar Vacations Sweet not Salty

sugar vacations

Sugar relationships have the potential of being the most enriching relationship a person can have. Each party constructs an arrangement to fulfil their desires. Absent from the pressure of expectations, arrangements allow a more carefree way to date. There are numerous benefits to opening yourself to a mutually beneficial arrangement, one being Sugar Vacations. Imagine, breathtaking locations, luxury hotels, and all expenses paid by a man whose desire is to take care of you. The thing of dreams, right? So how do you make sure this sugar vacation remains sweet and doesn’t turn salty…

Staying safe on Sugar Vacations

Safety should always be your priority. I recommend you take some time to let your arrangement develop chemistry and trust before deciding on taking a sugar vacation. Even if you have been together for a while, or you choose to jump straight into time in the sun together, these are a few things to consider to keep you safe.

Let your sugar daddy make the arrangements. Having your benefactor book your flight for you attaches both of your information and leaves a digital footprint. There is also no loss your end if plans change last minute.

Exchange money into the relevant currency. Sugar vacations may include expenses and an allowance. But, never go anywhere without having a little of your own money. Fending for yourself is a possibility if you get separated. Also, you may want to treat your sugar daddy to a little something to show your appreciation.

Share your location. I appreciate some like to keep their sugar relationships private. But, everyone has that friend that they share everything with. So, give that friend your flight and vacation itinerary. Details of your sugar daddy and a picture. Updates on your movements and how the vibe is going.

Have a backup plan. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly, but you never know. I suggest two options: 1. You have enough money for an early flight if you are starting to get uncomfortable. 2. My preferred choice, you have enough money to continue the vacation solo and make your way home at the time of your booked flight.

Avoiding tension on sugar vacations

Even when vacationing with the best of friends, tension can build. When you vacation with another, remember, it’s all about compromise. You will both have your idea of what makes a perfect sugar vacation, and you won’t necessarily be in sync.

Be flexible. You may want to take different excursions or try different foods. It’s natural for one person to take the lead in organising a vacation. Discuss openly with your sugar daddy as to if you want him to take that role or not.

Be sensible. We all love lounging around in the sun, but nothing affects your mood more than burning! Top up suntan lotion regularly, make aloe vera your friend, and take breaks in the shade.

Keep hydrated. Your mood will quickly dwindle if you are starting to feel fatigued. You may be enjoying the free wine at dinner and cocktails by the pool, but water, particularly coconut water, should be consumed just as much as anything else.

Be prepared. It’s fair to say women love shopping more than men. Try to ensure you pack everything you need rather than taking your sugar daddy to shop every other hour. A ‘pick me up’ pouch should be included on your travel list to help with any unexpected incidents or illnesses.

How to pack for sugar vacations

For men, getting ready generally includes a shower and a fresh shirt. That’s it. Women have much more going on, and although a man may want to see you all dressed up, he doesn’t necessarily want the wait! Help yourself out before you leave for your sugar vacation by waxing, getting a manicure and pedicure, and get yourself a hair treatment. I suggest you pack light and pack smart. Here’s how…

Footwear. Sandles for the beach, pointed flats for the day, heels for the evening. Unless you are going on an activity vacation, you don’t need more than this. Trainers are acceptable if you think you will have time for a workout, but they are bulky so consider a little time off from the gym.

Neutral shades. Monochrome styling is effortlessly elegant and flawless to transition an outfit from day to night. Neutral tones are simple to mix and match which will help keep your packing light. Black is also a great go-to for chic styling.

Bags. A larger tote for the day is also perfect for the beach. Go for leather as it is easy to wipe down any sand or marks. All you need for the evening is a simple clutch.

Makeup. Go for the natural, sun-kissed, beauty look. A bb cream with an SPF factor, A tinted lip blam for colour and moisture, neutral eye shadow palette, and a dusty rose blush.

Cool evenings. No matter how much the sun shines in the day, it is possible the evenings will be considerably cooler. Opt for a cashmere shawl in a neutral shade. It will compliment any outfit and be soft against your skin if you do get a little too much sun.

The last peice of advice I can give is to remember you are on vacation. Relax, smile, and enjoy this time of indulgence with your sugar daddy.


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