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Intimacy in an arrangement without love

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Mutually beneficial arrangements share many values as traditional relationships. They are supportive, enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding. But, one thing that is often absent in an arrangement is love. This is just the dynamic that is communicated openly from the beginning. But for an arrangement to be long-term, and with a connection that enriches both lives, intimacy cannot be absent. Sex, quite frankly, is easy. Intimacy is much more involved in emotion, and not something that can be forced. So how do you have intimacy in an arrangement?

Appreciating your benefactor

The most organic way to grow intimacy in an arrangement is to take a moment and reflect on all that your benefactor does for you. If you considered the proposed arrangement with care, then you should find yourself supported by a man who has your best interest at heart. A man that is committed to developing you personally and professionally. It is natural for admiration to grow into a fondness for your mentor.

You are most likely finding yourself keeping company with an older man. You should have a gentleman on your hands who knows how to treat a woman with respect and dignity. If a successful and charming older man is admiring you, enjoy the flattery of it. Any man who can make you feel more like a woman is going to soften you.

Being grateful for the experiences you can have at the result of the arrangement will inspire affection. You may be travelling to destinations otherwise out of reach. The stresses of financial burden may now be taken care of and no longer a worry for you. Gratitude is something any man will appreciate and will allow you both to connect to one another with ease.

Physical displays of intimacy

As your appreciation and affection for your benefactor develop, it becomes natural to show physical intimacy in an arrangement. There are subtle ways in which you can show your benefactor intimacy without over the top, public displays of affection.

The touch of the arm during a conversation or while simply taking a stroll is always a pleasant interaction. It is a natural intimacy that will inspire affection between you both.

A kiss on the cheek is just as common between friends as it is lovers. As time passes in a relationship, it is easy to let the excitement of first seeing each other slip away. In an arrangement, I like to start every meeting as though it were the first.

The skin is the most beautiful organ that adorns the body. I never let my fingers be too far away from it. A gentle caress anywhere on naked skin will allow you to feel closer to one another.

Actions of a loving nature

There are instincts a woman has that allow her to show a loving nature to her benefactor providing she is conscious of these instincts. The ways you can show your tenderness are as simple as running a bath for your partner, perhaps washing his hair after a long day of meetings, giving a massage while listening to any troubles he may have.

Making coffee in the morning and discussing his day ahead over breakfast shows an interest in his life. If you are on vacation together, take the initiative and make arrangements for your itinerary to allow him to relax while you organise.

As you get to know your benefactor, you will know his tastes. It is likely he is the one buying you gifts. If you know, there is something he would like, treat him for a change. All good men deserve to be appreciated.

You may be with a benefactor who is unable to give you all of his attention. He may be committed to another and not looking to change that. Focus on what it is that you both bring into one another’s lives, and you will find that love isn’t necessary for intimacy in an arrangement.

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