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Keeping your personal style sophisticated

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There is a stereotype that comes to mind when you consider the look of a ‘sugar baby’. Short dresses, perhaps in bright colours, platform heels and unnatural blonde hair. Of course, this is just a stereotype. Regardless, it is to be avoided for those who consider themselves a courtesan. You are a companion of respected men, you will find yourself in establishments that require you to blend into their standard. It is essential that your wardrobe reflects the woman that you are.

Neutral colours for casual style

Neutral tones of beiges, off whites, greys and taupe always look sophisticated. Keep the tailoring clean and simple. Think minimalism as an overall aesthetic. For trousers and skirts I always prefer a high waist fit, it looks more elegant and shapes the body. Tops that show the shoulders, collarbone, and upper back look effortlessly sexy yet subtle.

The absence of colour

It was Coco Chanel who said ‘black has it all, white too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.’ Besides neutral colours, black and white make for perfect sophistication. If you are on a budget, it is easier to make black and white items look more expensive than they are.

If you are going to invest in high priced items like a bag, shoes, or a coat, it is better to lean towards black. It will go with everything and gives a much more classy feel to an outfit.

All the shades of one

Another way to style your wardrobe for a sophisticated look is to go for monochrome. Piece together an outfit in various shades of one colour. This works beautifully in neutral shades. Again, this way of styling will look more expensive if you are working on a budget.

To the touch

Some fabrics simply feel more beautiful against the skin than others. If you have money to invest, you will never go wrong with cashmere. Leather and suede are also perfect fabrics for colder climates. Cotton and silks for summer, particularly in pastels, though for my skin tone I prefer earthy colours.

There is an added benefit to styling your wardrobe in this way. Not only will your personal style look more refined, but you will require fewer items of clothing as you will be able to mix and match effortlessly. This makes packing for those short trips with your companion a much easier process.

You will also be able to go from casual to smart with a few simple alterations to your look. You will always be dressed appropriately no matter the occasion, and you will never feel out of place. Confidence and sophistication are sexier than any outfit you can wear.

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